Clasina Byers

My name is Clasina and I was 9 years old when my mother and I stood at the Dam. The Salvation Army was in front of the Palace, also the underground people. When I looked up to the other building next to Palace, I saw a German soldier on the roof. I said to my mother:’o, there is a German soldier on the roof, so let’s go. So we went through the crowd, I looked back and saw now three soldiers ans we started running. Then they started shooting so we ran into a clothing store named Lampe, I don’t know if it still exists. We wanted to go into the shop but the chef locked the door. A man said: ‘If you won’t open the door I will smash your windows’, so he opened the door. I hide myself in a dressingroom. Shoes, clogs and bags were lying everywhere at the Nieuwendijk. That is what my mother and I have experienced.


Clasina Byers
New Mexico

25-10-2013 received by website

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