Henk Temmink

On May 7 1945 we went with a group of children (between 7 and 14 years old) from the Balistraat via the Plantage to the Dam. I was a little boy of 7 years old. Because the Dam was crowded with people there was not much to see for us.
We were walking al the time to other spots to look for a better place. We went in the direction of the cheering that you could hear now and then. Because of the constant changing of places it was difficult to keep together. Suddenly there was a shot. I found myself in the quadrant by the Nieuwe Kerk and the Palace. I was laying down briefly behind a post with a group, but when the group started to run away I was running in to the Mozes and Aaronstraat, in to the Nieuwezijds and then in to the Raadhuisstraat. In total panic I ran probably over two bridges, Heren- and Keizersgracht, turn to the left and fled in to the first house which had the door open. I stayed there for some hours in the hallway. As I lost the group Balistraat, I didn’t know the way back to my house. unknown people had brought me back to the Indische district in the evening.

Henk Temmink
June 26 2013

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