Kees Quant

My mother is number  27 of the list: Antje Moeke, this was her maiden name.

She was married with Jan Quant (1929). Her age was 42 years  when she passed away.
I also went  with a friend to the Dam that day, but we found it so crowded that we went away to go fishing.
When we came back we heard that my mother had gone to the Dam with her neighbour.  The neighbour came back, but not my mother.
I was only 14 years old.
When the shooting started my mother ran from the Dam to the Nieuwedijk with her neighbour.
Were now the current C&A is, was my mother hit in the artery in her neck, she was transported on a handcart to the Binnengasthuis, and she probably deceased along the way or there.
My sister, 13 years old, was brought during the hungry winter to Winschoten. She was there at the time of the the dead of my mother.
I could write a book about our circumstances during this liberation.
This is the first time I can express myself about the incident.
I have never spoken with anyone before about this day. I have missed my mother deeply.
May 2013

Kees Quant

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