Scouts at the Dam

In the television broadcast Na de Bevrijding (After the Liberation) of February 14 2014 with the title “Lost Youth”, there was a review of May 7 1945 at the Dam about the role of the scouting. The ‘Dunnewoldgroup’ was under the command of Scoutmaster B.O. van den Berg and some members meet each year. We had contact with Rob Albrecht (87), Dick Verloop (85) and Anton Gerrritsen (82).

Dick Verloop: I was 16 years old when  I was at the Dam as a scout to close off the Dam by  the crowd. Thank God it wasn’t the place were the people were shot. When the panic started I ran away quickly. I had a uniform and a hat, when the scouting was forbidden, hidden in a safe place at home. I don’t think that many scouts had turned them in, as ordered. During the war there was always contact between some members of our group, with our Scoutmaster and Bart van den Berg. I assume that he approached me right after the war and asked me to go on May 7 to the former Scouting office at the Keizersgracht to clear up the mess of the Youthstorm. There were several scouts of other groups present then the “Dunnewoldgroup’. A few of them were send to the Dam. With my friend from the scouting Jan van Ketel I went to the Dam on May 7. He passed away many years ago. How many ‘ of the group Dunnewold’ were on the Keizersgracht that day I don’t know,  but more then Jan van Ketel and myself. There were scouts from other groups that proves ‘the journal of Ton Graber‘. Grabers report as a scout from the Jan van Riebeek-group goes about the period May 5-June 28 1945.


Photo J.W. Hofman, collection Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Scouts helping to collect the body’s of casualties.

Rob Albrecht: I was 18 years old and lived in the P.C.Hooftstraat . By the staff belonged also Leo Capit (editor:Leo Johannes Capit 1920) at his place we come together in secret and practise with hand grenades. “Neef” (editor: Scout Shop De Blokhut from Family Neef & Sons) was the supplier of uniforms  like our scout uniforms. Our group existed of 30 boys and we were called to be present  to do all kind of activities. After the shooting we helped were we were needed. I remember a little bit. The television broadcast had the title “Lost Youth” but for me the war was no lost youth. It was a matter to adapt oneself, that’s the way it was. 


Photo made by Wiel van der Randen, Collection Spaarnestad

Scouts give aid to bring casualties on a car to hospital “Binnengasthuis”, in the background barrel organ ‘t Snotneusje



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