William Franciscus Leijns

Amsterdam July 29 1884 – Amsterdam December 15 1966

Leijns found himself during the shooting at his office on the fifth floor of the Office Industria at the corner of the Rokin and the Dam.
He had placed his camera on a tripod in order to photograph the liberation. Twice he pushed on the button of his Leica when the machine-guns began to rattle.
Leijns and Haanstra were the only ones who managed to record the shooting.

The photos are the property of the collection Nederlands Fotomuseum.


The park in front of the Bijenkorf, were now the National Monument stands. Sometime before the shooting.

voor schietpartij

Crowd at the Dam, before the shooting. On the right is barrel organ Snotneusje. Sometime later it stands at the Dam, between Damrak and Rokin, were people are hiding for the bullets.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 16.47.53

The English Scouting group, Polar Bears, turns away from the Dam, in the direction of the Rokin.

engelsen vertrekken via Rokin

Polar Bears drive away from the Dam to the Rokin


People seek for cover behind the Snotneusje, at the background people ran in panic to the Damrak.


People dive away and seek for cover behind the lorry from were was recorded, and behind the two kiosks.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 08.17.01

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