Aleida Slieker

Aleida Josefine Slieker was injured during the shooting. You can see her on this photo of Margreet van Konijnenburg. The lady in a dark coat, lower right, lying on the ground.

Aleida emigrated to the United States of America in 1956, where she died at the age of 86 in May 1993.
Her daughter Tonia Magdalena Overweg wrote this report:

Aleida Josefine Slieker (born January 19 1907) was during the shooting 38 years old and a single mother of 3 children.
Hendrika Josefine
Tonia Magdalena

Aleida went on May 7 1945 from her home at the Grote Bickersstraat 20 in Amsterdam to the Dam to see the entry of the Allied Forces. When the first shots were fired, she was at the Dam.
She heard a lot of screaming and got a grazing shot in the calve of her right leg. Beyond her own pain, she was scared that she wouldn’t see her children, because the
children lived at that moment of the shooting in Drenthe (Schoonloo). (The children were brought overhere, by the Red Cross, due to the winter of starvation).
The wound was taken care of afterwards at the Dam and she was brought home by a civilian.
A few days after the shooting she went hitchhiking to Drenthe to look up her children, they came back in September 1945, to their home at the Grote Bickersstraat.

Tonia Magdalena Overweg
March 2014

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