Gré Bouma-Hagemeijer

Gré Bouma-Hagemeijer *1939

40 Bouma-Hagemeijer

Mrs. Gré Bouma-Hegemeijer approached us, with her statement, as a result of a newspaper report, but she appears to be  one the writers from 2004 to Dora Budde. Gré Hagemeijer got hit by a shotwound on her knee on May 7 1945.

My parents had a milk-and grocery shop in the Vinkenstraat 20 in the Jordaan. It was Monday afternoon and the shop was closed. We went to the Dam to celebrate, my parents and my sister Annie. We wore our best dresses, made from velvet curtains by the nuns of the Haarlemmerhout.
We stood at the corner of the Dam and the Damrak. I was hit by a bullet. Somebody fell over me, he was dead.
My leg was a gaping wound because of  the shot and I laid on a bed in front of the shop. I got a lot of attention, also from a young man who gave me all the time licorice. Jelly was older then me. I married him. My husband died in 2002.

On May 7 2016 I was present by the unveiling. It was difficult for me to sit there, almost on the spot were I was hit. But together with my son I had a great support.
You have made the day dignified. One more many thanks.

May 2016

Bron: Stadsarchief Amsterdam Deze foto hangt bij Gré thuis aan de muur. Zij is het kleine meisje rechts, in het midden haar zus Annie.

Source: Stadsarchief Amsterdam
This photo hangs by Gre at home on the wall. She’s the little girl on the right, in the middle her sister Annie.

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