C.D.R.-C 10-05-1945

Concerning Incident Dam

Report N.B.S. Districtreserve Centre, Section 3

Monday, May 7 1945, at 02:45 pm, I was told to report myself and  the Section at the Comm. D.R. to assist with the enclosure of the Dam. Marching at 03:00 pm via the Staalstraat and the Doelenstraat to the Rokin. At 03:10 pm, near the Rotterdamsche Bank at the Rokin we heard shots. The civilians who were in front of me at the Rokin, split up. I gave the Section the order to spread and cover.
The shots were repeated, however now in greater volume and were probably from a machine-gun, that was placed on the Dam, in the Incassobank or in the property of the Ersatzcommando of the Waffen SS.
The shots came closer and smashed and whistled around us. Soon after that I gave the order “Gun ready and fire”.
Ca.03:15 PM giving order for greater dispersion and heading up along the houses to the Hermietenstraat. The shooting on the Dam kept going. A man didn’t respond to my order and remains on the ground; gave the order to drag him into the houses.
He was wounded, what I already did see when he was  laying on the utmost right side. At the height of “Blikman and Sartorius” (Rokin 17) appeared many N.B.S. people.
From the Kalverstraat sounded shots. At the moment, that the Section was situated by Peek and Cloppenburg and Blikman and Sartorius on the Dam, I had to delegate the command to Mr. den Gr.C.Kuyer, and I went looking on the Vijgendam. The shots fell more and more and hit the civilians, they found themselves on the right side of the Vijgendam.
Afterwards I reported myself by the C.D.R.-C who told me that the Germans were shooting from the Groote Club and the Ersatzcommando. I reported him that I was at the Rokin with the Section.
At 03.25pm the whole Section by C.D.R., checked out. I got the assignment, to concentrate the men on the stairs of the brick building. We were missing 3 men namely: Gr.C. J.Bobeldijk, W.Bobeldijk and L. van Eikeren. At 03:35 PM
W.Bobeldijk reported himself; I ordered him to go to the brick building. At 03:45 PM informing to J.Bobeldijk. The doctor, who gave him first aid, told me that he only had a shock, bystanders told me, he was seriously injured, and transported to the Binnen Gasthuis. Between 04:00-04:30pm called the Binnen Gasthuis and was told he passed away.
At 05:30 PM marching to the Plantage M.G. At 06:30 PM van Eikeren appeared on the Plantage M.G., with a bandaged bullet wound on his right hand, and injuries on his face, he got the injuries on the corner on the Dam and Rokin by Peek and Cloppenburg, in his own words, during the passing by of the Grune Polizei. He saw that they were aiming and shooting at him, while he was shooting at them.
Amsterdam, May 9 1945
The Sectioncommander
To:D.C.-C  C.-D.R.-C

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