J. Versluys

Amsterdam, May 7 1945

I had hidden and joined by the Domestic Armed Forces. On a day we reported us by commander Oosterbeek, I think it was in the Doelenstraat nearby the Turfmark. With quiet a few man we went towards the Dam for protecting the Palace against the great number of people who were coming. The rumour was that the Canadians should invade any moment and were going to the Dam. The Germans were still in the Groote Club. While we protected the palace on the Damside against the public, around 03:00 PM there was shooting from the Groote Club, also in the direction Nieuwendijk and Damrak. Soon there were laying several wounded people on the Dam.
I was laying down behind a wide lamp post. Behind an other lamp post, closer too the Groote Club was Mr. van de Boogaart from the Sint Luciensteeg, from the butcher. He was laying there with a machine-gun, but he got hit by a bullet. Dead. It was a nasty sight. It took at least half an hour before the door from the Palace in opposite of the Nieuwe Kerk opened, and we could get inside.

J. Versluys, Amersfoort

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