Mrs. Bense

Mrs  E.J.B.M. Sneeboer-Bense *1904  1987

Mrs B. Sneeboer-Bense had heard that her husband, who was employed in Germany, was on his way home, she looked out for him in town. At the Dam she was present during the shooting. Unknown is who shot. She stood in front of the Palace on the square.

Her youngest daughter was in the pram en she managed to rescue herself and her baby by throwing her behind ‘a car’ or something to shelter. She just didn’t get hit, but at that moment she saw the death in her eyes. She could hardly speak about it, but the pain in her eyes, the silent suffer, stayed.

Her other daughter, that time a teenager, was during the war a witness of the man-to-man-fights in Neerkant.

source: I. T., grandchild of Mrs Sneeboer-Bense.


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