Mrs. Jansen

Herewith I will let you know that I was a witness of the Dam-shooting in 1945. Together with my colleague I went to the Dam. There was no activity. Through the Paleisstraat to the N.Z. Voorburgwal. But behind the Grote Club was an entrance. A girl was saying goodbye to a German soldier, which was seen by members of the domestic armed forces; they tried to get hold of her. The German started shooting, answered by shooting of the domestic armed forces from the money office. We went back to the Dam but in the Paleisstraat we were blocked by a shopkeeper. We had to go inside, because they also started shooting at the Dam from the Grote Club. When the shooting stopped, we walked to the Koningsplein, but at the Singel there also was an incident. A car with German officers was blocked by the domestic armed forces. The German started shooting and hit the man in his foot. So we went home after all. At this moment my age is 81, but I’ll never forget. Many times I told my children. The shooting really started behind the Grote Club.

Mrs. Jansen, Den Helder
May 2004

Source NIOD 249-1110-12

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