Nurse van den Brink

Het Parool, May 15 2013.

Memories of May 7 1945
The shooting from the Grote Club of May 7 1945.

Gewonden worden o.a. per bakfiets naar het Binnengasthuis gebracht. Foto: Hans Sibbelee, collectie Nederlands Fotomuseum

Casualties are taken the hospital “het Binnengasthuis”. Photo:Hans Sibbelee, collection Nederlands Fotomuseum

We, two nurses in uniform, ran from the Binnengasthuis to the Rokin, to help people who had bullet wounds and to carry them inside houses where other people  took care of them. Afterwards there came more help and we returned (in the meantime 90 years old) to the Binnengasthuis to do our work.
We didn’t see the flat carts with the deceased on it, but there were many patients. It was chaotic and we have done what we could do.
We, Nurse Pilon and, I previously nurse Van den Brink, talked often about it after we realised what has happened.
And now, through the article in Het Parool of May 7 2013, it brings back the memories. That’s why this letter.


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