Kees and Reggie Stuyfersant

Kees Stuyfersant *1934 and Reggie Stuyfersant *1937

Via their brother Andre we came in contact with Kees Stuyfersant.

May 7 1945 is for the family a memorable day.

The children Stuyfersant walked daily from the Nieuwmarkt to the Prinsenschool and they had to cross the Dam, it was close by home.
That’s why, the 11 year old Kees, got the permission from his mother to go to the Dam on May 7 1945,to look for the Canadians.

Reggie was only 8 years old and also came along,I had to promise my mother to hold hands.
When the shooting started, the panic arose,the running people,our hands were ripped off. Reggie disappeared in the crowd to the left and I to the right.
We stood close by the music kiosk,because’it would happen there’, I ended up by the Bijenkorf and I took cover with others in an alcove.
At home my mother Coba was in panic after the messages of aunt Jo.Happily we came home healthy. Reggie was covered with blood but he had no scratch; he stumbled over a body and fell in a pool of blood. My glasses were broken and they were repaired, later on, in a shop at the Rokin.

Kees tells about it on his website.

Our thanks goes to Andre, Kees and Reggie Stuyfersant.
December 2015

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