Saar Hack

I think that we stood in the middle of the Dam waiting for the arrival of the Canadians. Suddenly the shooting started and everybody started to run, we in the direction of the Nieuwendijk.

People fell and stumbled and the only thing I remember, was that I also stumbled and struggled through other people. My friend fell next to me. On the Nieuwendijk, coming from the Dam, was on your left hand a shop were the windows were broken and we could go inside for shelter. My friend noticed that she was bleeding, it seems to be that a bullet had grazed her neck.
I don’t remember who helped her,  examined her or brought her home. When the shooting stopped I walked home barefoot, I lived then on the Bilderdijkstraat, there was no twitter or sms, so my mother knew nothing and was worried because I was a long time away from home.

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