Bep Vink

WoestduinBep Vink, born in 1922, was during the war Commander of the Red Cross and joined the air brigade. Recently we received this message from her son Lou Bakker:

My mother recently deceased (Bep Bakker-Vink). She was in  World War II Commander of the Red Cross among other in the centre of Amsterdam. She has told me many stories about the war and also about the shooting which she has seen nearby, and played an important role in the assistance of casualties.


WoestduinAfter the war she unveiled together with the mayor a memorial stone in the Grote Club (I have some pictures of it). She lived in the Nieuwenbrugsteeg were her parents had a pub called The Sun.

Bep Vink deceased September 2013 in a rest home in Alkmaar.


She has helped on May 7 1945 a lot of wounded persons and took them to the Binnengasthuis. Deceased and wounded persons were brouht away on flat carts. She thought that most Germans, who has been shooting from the Grote Club, were drunk. After the shooting most of the personal belongings of the victims were collected, the next day they were displayed in front of the Bijenkorf, to be picked up by the owners or the relatives of the victims. Striking was that beside shoes, even trousers, dresses, underwear and bra’s were found. People must have been grabbled in panic by which the clothing of the bodies was drawn.

Oktober 2013

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