Everdina Johanna Buddingh-van der Flier – Dien

*  Amsterdam 18 September 1917
† Amsterdam 22 June 1945
E.J.-vd-FlierwwwDien’s parents owned a bakery at Haarlemmerdijk 138 in Amsterdam. They had six children, three sons and three daughters, Dien was their eldest daughter. On October 13, 1943 she married Willem Buddingh (1903-1981). They both worked in an office and lived at the Nicolaas Maesstraat 115-I.Dien got hit by a bullet on May 7, 1945 and she was taken to the hospital.

She came home for a short period; then went back to the hospital to have the bullet removed from her knee. She died during the operation on June 22, 1945. Their daughter was then 7 months old, her husband remarried in 1947. Dien was only 27 when she died.

The parents of great-niece Jan Goede:”The daughter of the couple van der Flier that owned a bakery shop at the Haarlemmerdijk, had brought their child to her parents to babysit and went to the Dam.She got wounded(my parents didn’t know if it were shot wound, your site knows more)and was taken care by a.o. Guus Goede(Guurtje Jacobs Goede, born 1905). Mrs Buddingh-van der Flier died on the consequences of her wounds, later Guus Goede married with the widow Budding.Her sister Will *1922 and oldest brother Aris were witness. They could bring themselves to a safe place because they ran to the building were the Germans were shooting. That’s why they were out of sight. Unfortunately, Dien and her husband ran away to the other side. “Memories form a black day in my life”


Overlijdensbericht Mw. E.J. v.d.Flier

Flier, Haarlemmerdijk 138 Amsterdam detail

Bakkerij van der Flier
Haarlemmerdijk 138

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