Frans J. van Dam

By the daughter of Frans J.van Dam we came in the possession of some photos that he made round May 7 1945 in Amsterdam.

altijd gewapende soldaten op straat
Most likely taken before May 7, secretly, Germans on patrol at the street.
overgave vd Duitsers. in Amsterdam JPG
Arrest of 2 Germans at the corner Paleisstraat/Spuistraat. This is the same moment that Coesel made his photo, it is said that one of these Germans draw his gun, got hit and
after which the Germans in the Grote Club opened the fire. Afterwards we have seen film shots where the Germans were lead away with their hands up.

overgave vd Duitsers
Second photo of the arrest of 2 Germans at the corner Paleisstraat/Spuistraat
wegvoeren van Duitsers na de bevrijdng 1945
Date unknown, probably May 8 or 9. Leading away German prisoners of war

In the photo of Coesel is on the right a group of people. Presumably stands there also the maker of this photo. When we asked his daughter if she recognized her father on the photo she told us: “Indeed, he must be there, he was 17 years old, it seems if there were a few of those boys, probably he was there with friends. One of them will be my father. But yes, they all survived a hard winter, so they are all skinny and young for their age”.

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