Hedda van Gennep

Hedda van Gennep *1929

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 17.09.10 Hedda van Gennep went together with friends  to the Dam, to celebrate, just like many others.

She tells us:

I was 16 years old and we walked at the Dam when the windows of the Grote Club opened. A terrible rattle came out of a machine-gun.
I saw the shooting. At the corner of the Bijenkorf we ran into the Warmoesstraat and rang at someone’s doorbell. Nobody opened and they let us stay outside.
I didn’t notice a reason for the shooting, therefore we stood to far away.

In 1980 Hedda told her experiences to Joop van Zijl in the memorial program ‘The liberation of Amsterdam‘, together with Piet Maljers from Amsterdam-Noord, who got wounded.


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