Willem van den Boogaard – Wim

* Amsterdam December 12 1914
† Amsterdam May 7 1945

willem-van-den-boogaardwwwWillem van den Boogaard was member of the Domestic Armed Forces group B. They were on May 7 1945  on duty at  fences on the Dam, when suddenly around 03:00pm a shooting started from the building of the Groote Club. The commander wrote in his report over the situation and the panic that arose and then: “One of our people, Willem van de Boogaard, was hit in the meantime. He found himself with a few of our people behind a lamppost in front of the palace.”
Also J.Versluys witnessed his dead” Willem had a machine-gun with him but was killed by a bullet. See the witness of J.Versluys…….”

Mrs.J.Roggeveen-van den Boogaard, the daughter of Willem, told us her story:

“My mother told me the following:
My father was member of the Domestic Armed Forces and had to leave sometimes. We lived in the St. Luciensteeg, in “the Hammenhouse”,  previously an illustrious delicacy shop, were “pork of the bone” was sold, to a lot of hotels in the neighbourhood.
My father had to go regularly to the Nederlandse Bank, were in the cellar guns were stored. If he had to practice there? I don’t know.
My mother didn’t know what he was doing there.
On May 7 he had to go to the Dam, probably to help? He left the evening before, my mother didn’t see him alive again.
What exactly has happened , is to this day unclear,I have read, but the German officers opened the window and started the shooting. My father was deadly hurt….
My father had become a military funeral.
Unfortunately I can’t tell you more then this. My mother had no more details and couldn’t talk about it.

Willem van den Boogaard was only 30 years old.

Willem was making a film at the Dam when he was deadly wounded.After his dead an unknown person made shootings.The camera has been returned to the widow of Willem.

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