Hendrina Louise Koper-Frank – Hendrina

Amsterdam  April 22 1915
† Amsterdam May 8 1945

HL-FrankwwwHendrina Louise Frank died in the night of May 7 to 8 1945 on the consequences of bullet wounds, caught during the shooting on the Dam. She was married with Cornelis Koper. Together they had a daughter, who was also at the Dam when her mother was shot.

Her daughter Mrs. H.L.Doves-Koper wrote us:

We also went as a family, just like many others, to the Dam when we heard that the Canadians would arrive.

When my father saw the Germans on the balcony he said something like “this must go wrong” and one minute later the shooting started. He dived above me but for my mother it was to late.

 My father was Corporal in the Dutch Army during May 1940, he went into hiding when he got the order to go to work in Germany. He stayed with his aunt. My mother and I followed afterwards. After my mother passed away my father remarried.

Hendrina Louise Frank was buried in a family tomb by her brother and mother at the Public Cemetery at Zandvoort. This grave is officially a war grave.

The Death Certificate gives painfull details of her wounds: “belly shot, kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen, rupture, stomach, colon, perforated bowel” and gives as time of death May 8 1945 AM 00:05, that is 5 minutes after May 7. In the Statement of Death and also in the official death certificate is mentioned midnight, that is at the end of May 8 a big difference.

Hendrina Louise Frank met haar man Cornelis Koper, en hun dochter

Hendrina Louise Frank with here husband Cornelis Koper, en their daughter

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