Petrus Hendricus Antonius Hutjes – Han

* Den Haag November 1925
 Amsterdam May 7 1945

hutjeswwwHan was an only child, his parents were Adam Bernardus Hutjes (1898-1975) and Elisabeth Catharina Maria Verbeek (1897-1989). During Operation Market Garden the family fled from Arnhem and was registered by the family of mother Verbeek on the Admiral de Ruyterweg. Han died on May 7 1945 at 03:00pm at the Dam on the consequences off shot wounds, he was only 19 years of age. A good friend of Han, Ton Daems describes the incident of that day and send it to the NIOD, we also had contact with him and you can read his statement on our website.

Han Hutjes is buried on May 11 1945 at the cemetery Barbara and was reburied in the family grave at the cemetery Moscowa in Arnhem.



Lyrics stone(a part of a prayer):

How he yearns for freedom, it came. He could feel it for one moment, the enemy extinguished the joy in his eyes. May he be with his God, in heaven were there is eternal freedom and peace.

Ina Hutjes respond on behalf of the family:It is fascinating to read how the incidents are described that took place at the Dam on May 7 1945. I have always lived with the early versions. They were told to me by my family(family in-laws), uncle Ad and aunt Bets, the parents of Han Hutjes.I am the wife of Han Hutjes 1950-2011, he is named after his cousin who died during the incidents at the Dam. The parents of his cousin were his godfather and godmother. I know of course how much grieve they had about the lost of their only son during the liberation of Holland.

It seems that Han saved the live of the 5 year old Frits Greefkes. The daughter of Frits told us about the search of her father to his rescuer.





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