Radio speech Prins Bernhard. May 7 1945

7 mei 13.00 u Radiotoespraak Prins Bernhard

After the signing of the capitulation at Wageningen, Prins Bernhard, Commander of Chief of the Domestic Armed Forces held the following speech for the liberated country:

Fellow Countrymen! The hour of your liberation has come. The enemy has layed down the arms. Your suffering during the occupation has brought consternation in the whole civilized world, but not only consternation: your drive, your patriotism and your faith to your principles, has created admiration everywhere and has given our country and nation an indelible respect. Consider however, that freedom can’t be obtained without responsibility. Don’t let you tempted on this confusing moment by overestimation which can lead to reckless actions. Let on the other hand outweigh the Dutch common sense then impulses of the moment. This counts especially for the Domestic Armed Forces. They have to fulfill the heavy task, together with the allied forces, in relation to the surrendered Germans and the unreliable politic elements. I understand completely that many of you have the desire to acquaint yourself about the condition of your family and your house. It is an expressly forbidden from the Commander of the Allied Forces, that nobody, also an evacuee may leave the municipal, no matter were he is. I have an urgent request to you and expect that you will obey this order, for your own interest as for the concern for order and peace. As soon as the Germans will be disarmed, further measurements will follow by the Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces. Our country awaits a long and heavy but grateful task. Our country has to be build up and we have to concentrate our work also on the liberation of East-Indie. Countrymen, at this moment the focus of attention is pointed at you by the world. Realise your responsibility! Long live the Queen, long live our Nation!

Source: Keesing Historisch Archief – May 7-13 1945

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