Theo Bosma

I was born in 1927.

On May 7 1945 I walked through the Kalverstraat and arrived on the Dam, there was a fence with barbed wire and a small passage. In front of it stood German Marines, they were teased and provoked by people.
We walked further to the Rokin, about 50 meters past the Dam, the shooting started, heavy artillery, no stenguns but it look liked machine-guns. I hide myself in a doorway, a little later an open truck with a group “Grune Polizei” came along, from the Munt in the direction Dam.
 Near the Dam, a few Domestic Armed Forces were shooting with stenguns, on the truck, they were laying on the ground against the pavement and some “Grunen” probably hit , fell on the street.
I left as soon as I could and saw another shooting. On the corner Leidsestraat/Heiligenweg was an open space, there were  German trucks who were stopped by the Domestic Armed Forces.
One of the Germans tried to get his gun but the Domestic Armed Forces fired a series of shots, passed away.
Theo Bosma

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