J.G.J. ter Braak

J.G.J. ter Braak (1921-1995)

Son Frank ter Braak:

My mother M.S.I. ter Braak-Jentjens, 94 years old, has experienced World War II in Amsterdam and had heard about the tragedy at the Dam, but was not present. She met my father, an Amsterdam citizen, during the liberation festivities in Amsterdam.

My father, who died in 1995, was member of the civil protection at the end of the War, has shot at the Germans, they were located in the Peek and Cloppenburg during the tragedy. Once he told it to us. Historic it was the Groote Club, but we (three sons) didn’t know what the Groote Club (society) meant, and our father indicated it as the Peek and Cloppenburg (the building next to it). There was a heavy gunfight and my father (a tall man 190 cm) shot back with his carbine, it jammed sometimes .

January 2017


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