Jan van Harlingen

Jan van Harlingen *1927


It’s a little what I can still remember.

I was 18 years old and quite curious by nature. Our family used to live in the Wilhelminastraat in Amsterdam-West( in the Second World War, Westergasthuisstraat)) because there was a question that the Canadians would come to Amsterdam, that’s why I went to the Dam. Everybody looked out for the liberators. I stood at the Dam opposite the Kalverstraat.

Unsuspecting there was a shooting with a machine-gun, not for a while but for some time. All frightened and scared people fled and tried to find a save place. I fled with others behind a lamp post.


When the shooting stopped a lot of people laid wounded and dead at the Dam. What afterwards happened I can tell you: I was afraid and went home as quickly as I can.

January 2017

A reaction on an article from De Telegraaf

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