Kathleen Kohnstamm-Sillem

Kathleen Sillem *1922

Kathleen Sillem *1922, married secretly in 1944 with Max Kohnstamm *1914-2010 (a.o. private secretary of Queen Wilhelmina from 1945-1948). On May 7 1945 they walked together from the Amstel 298hs to the Dam.

For the radio program ‘Een Vandaag’ she tells: We walked with the two of us. The Dam was crowded. These days were of course very special, we all wanted to see what was going on at that moment. Suddenly my husband shouted at me, very clear almost strict: ’lay down, lay down’. You could hear the shooting. When my husband heard that he said: ’lay down, lay down’.

So we laid down on that square on the ground until it was quiet, we got up and ran away until we were at our home.

Radio interview by Harm van Atteveld, May 5 2016, Een Vandaag. Partly recorded from the roof of the Nieuwe Kerk, with Martin van der Randen, grandson of photographer Wiel van der Randen.

Publication of National Comitee May 4 and 5, 2/22/2010, with Max Kohnstamm

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