Irene van Lente

Irene van Lente *1939

I lived in the Raadhuisstraat, my father was the owner of a dairy under the gallery. Our two cousins from Arnhem stayed at our house when the shooting at the Dam took place. My cousins and my brother, they were older than me, went to the Dam.

I lost the boys quickly on our way to the Dam and I walked as a little girl between the singing crowd until they started to run; I would like to go home as soon as possible.

In front of the store my mother was walking up and down to look were we are. I would like to go upstairs, but our house was full of people and I was catch up by a strange woman, when it became quiet I was brought to my parents.

In the mean time my brother and cousins came home. About the War I have a lot of memories and images about my Jewish grandparents, they owned a bible store next to us, suddenly they vanished. Within the years the pieces fit together and I know what has happened. Nobody talked about it at home.

January 2017


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