Klasina Anna van Moosel-Hartog

Klasina Anna van Moosel-Hartog 1912-1982

Klasina married in 1937 with Willem Frederik van Moosel, 1911 – 2007, they had two children. The family lived at the Lindengracht, during the war at the Marnixkade and since January 1945 at the Buiksloterdijk.

Mrs. van Moosel was one of the wounded people who was brought in the first aid-post of the Binnengasthuis on May 7 1945.

Daughter Ineke:
My mother went on May 7 1945, together with her mother to the Dam in Amsterdam to celebrate the liberation. When the shooting began she pushed my mother to the ground but herself was hit by a bullet in her head. She lost because of that her left eye, and a piece of her forehead. She was taken to the Binnengasthuis, she had to wait for treatment because other injuries required more urgent treatment. After a week she was completely blind, she was treated and operated several times. First they gave her a glass eye, it was painful and broke sometimes. Eventually they gave her a plastic eye, it had to be replaced regularly for a bigger one. That gave a lot of irritation, what caused tears with wound fluid, continuously she used handkerchiefs.
The removal of the tear sac gave no improvement, her whole life she struggled with it. Eye patches or glasses with frosted glass, to cover up, worked backwards.
Shortly: the strong woman she was, it changed her in a timid frightened bird, always gaped at. This tragedy controlled her further life in a negative way. She lived secluded, didn’t want to be amongst people.

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