R.F. Philip

As a result of your articles about the shooting at the Dam, the following.

I was also at the Dam, as a little boy of 7 years old, when the shooting started. I was a thin skinny little boy and got a few times a week extra nutrition by the Brothers of Saint Louis, who had a Secondary School at the Prinsengracht. I was at the Primary Catholic School Maria at the Prinsengracht 29, from the same congregation, and they selected me as somebody who needs something extra in his belly. I heard form the grown-ups that the Canadians would arrive at the Dam, after my bite I walked to the Dam to take a look.

PA-169968During the shooting a horse and carriage from Van Gend and Loos [Transport Compagny] drove over the Dam. A few men at that carriage grab me in my collar, throw me at the carriage and told me that I had to lay down. Somewhere, I don’t no where, but it was a long way from the Dam, the carriage stopped and they let me walk home.
Afterwards I wonder if there has ever been a proceedings against these murderers, because it is a war of crime to shoot on a crowd of innocent unarmed civilians.
You know that by any change?

Source: Oud Amsterdammer, April 1 2014

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  1. Adriaan de Kater

    Mr. Philip, the shooting has been
    never reckognized as a crime of war. The statement made in this respect by the ruling authorities: War is over, it is to be considere as an incident. The men shooting at innocent people have never been prosecuted. Also covered up by the ruling authrities of that time. These criminals were transported back to Germany as soon as possible. Shame on the authorities.


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