Han Hutjes

249-1110-14 Getuige Ton Daems inzake overlijden Han HutjesHan Hutjes (1926) fled with his parents out Arnhem after Operation”Market Garden”, they came walking with a wooden chart to Amsterdam. They found shelter by family(Admiraal de Ruyterweg). That family was close friends with my parents. Because we were of the same age we spend a lot of time with each other. If he came to our place(Pieter van der Doesstraat) he always whistled”Sur le pint d’Avignon ont y dance” etc.
On the night that the Germans had surrender in the Netherlands we went with a big drum on my back trough the Jan Evertsenstraat and he hit the liberation ruffle.
After we heard that the Germans were shooting in the Kinkerstraat we brought our things back and went home ( Friday May 4 between 09:00pm-10:00pm)

On Monday May 7 there was told that the Canadians were spotted at the Berlagebrug and in the city and we are walking to the Dam. It was very crowded and there stood wooden charts with red-white-blue flags.
After a while opened at the corner of the Kalverstraat and the Dam a few doors that came out on a balcony (the Groote Club?). A machinegun was placed and there was a shooting on(over) the crowd.
I fled and layed down behind a wooden chart. The Domestic Armed Forces went in the direction of the Groote Club. They were armed with stenguns. The shooting already stopped. I had been searching for Han, but I couldn’t find him. So I walked alone to home(20 minutes) and when I arrived on the Ruyterweg I saw an police-officer rang the doorbell by the family Verbeek. I spoke with the police-officer but I can’t remember what his answer was.

Afterwards I heard he was one of the victims. His length(1.95m) was probably fatal. On May 11 was the funeral service in the church of O.L.Vr. of Altijddurende Bijstand. In Septembre Han was reburied in Arnhem.
Han was their only child. His parents must have had a lot grieve. Han was a pupil at the Lyceum in Arnhem. In the annuals he is referred as the only war victim. His father was inspector by the insurance company VZVZ (Raadhuislaan).
Because the administration was lost in Arnhem there were made copies of the data on headquarters. I helped them with that. Mr. Ad Hutjes studied afterwards for architect. If I stayed with them we often looked at his buildings, only house-building.

Ton Daems
Source: NIOD DocII 249
inv.no. 1110-14

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