Mrs. A. van Mechelen-Toering

On May 7 1945, I (10 years old) went with my mother and sister(13 years old) to the Dam because the nursing staff would sing, according to the information of my aunt.

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In my opinion we were at the Dam when the shooting came from all directions. On the run I lost my mother and my sister. I found a hiding place in an alley between the building of the Handelsblad and the pub Scheltema on the N.Z.Voorburgwal. I stood there as an only child between the adults. After a while the signal “safe” was given and we could leave. However, I didn’t know how to get home, I felt lonely.
Somebody asked me were I lived and I answered ‘Passeerdersstraat’. I really didn’t know were it was. There was a man, according to me from the Domestic Armed Forces, who said “I have to go that way, so jump on behind me on my bicycle“. At the corner of the Prinsengracht and Elandsgracht he dropped me and I could find my way home. Big relief to my parents when I walked into the street. Later on seems that my sister was fled into Scheltema, close by. She got a chocolat bar and kept a little piece for me, I enjoyed it , of course.

Source: Mrs. A. van Mechelen-Toering, Oud Amsterdammer, February 2014

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