Johannes Bobeldijk – Joop

* Amsterdam, January 9 1901
† Amsterdam,  May 7 1945

bobeldijkwwwJohannes Bobeldijk, heating stoker, died on May 7, 1945 at 4:00PM of a gunshot wound in the stomach and perforated intestines. He was the eldest son of diamond worker Johannes Bobeldijk (1874-1948) and Johanna Francisca Maria Bolmers (1882-1960), who were divorced in 1928.


Johannes was divorced from Leuntje van Iperen and divorced from Pieternella Maria Jacoba van Baak. He lived at Kinkerstraat 337-II. The children from his first marriage, son Johan (1927-2015) and daughter Adriana (1929), lived with their mother.




Performing his duties as a squad leader of the Domestic Armed Forces at the Dam, he was shot there, at the Rokin. He and his brother Willem (Wim) were there together.

Son Johan: “It is unknown and unlikely if there is a picture of my father in uniform (overalls), because it was all a secret. I do know that at my grandmother’s house the ranking ribbons were sewed to the overalls.

My father and his brother Wim were – as far as I know – the only family members who joined the Domestic Armed Forces. The brothers were very close; it is possible that some of the others were also active in the organization. My father was drafted in the army and maybe because of his knowledge of weapons he became a commander. Everything that had anything to do with the resistance was a secret, they never talked about it, which is also why I don’t know a lot.”

Commander A.G. Goedemans wrote in his rapport: “At 3.30 pm W. Bobeldijk checked in; I ordered him to go to the stone building. At 3:40 pm I inquired about J. Bobeldijk. The medic who had given him first aid, told me that he was only in shock; bystanders told me that he was seriously injured and was transported to the Binnen Gasthuis hospital. Between 4 and 4:30 pm I phoned the hospital and found that Bobeldijk had succumbed.”

Johannes Bobeldijk was buried at the erebegraafplaats te Loenen.

Photograph of Johannes Bobeldijk used by kind permission of his son Johan Bobeldijk
Son Johan Bobeldijk died October 11, 2015.

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