Kryn Taconis

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 21.25.54Krijn Taconis (Rotterdam, 1918 – Canada, 1979) was a Dutch photographer. He was the first Dutchman who became member of the Magnum-photo agency.

Taconis made his first pictures during World War II, he made false documents for the resistance. He also worked for the Ondergedoken Camera, a group of Dutch photographers who captured the German occupation in secret.

With two friends, Ad Windig and Carel Blazer, he escaped after their arrest in 1943 in the nick of time to death. Taconis was released, by lack of evidence. Also the two others were found innocent.
Taconis got a false identity card, so that he could become the guide for stranded allied pilots. He guided them through France to England. He stopped with this dangerous work because several other fellow workers were caught by the Germans and the work became to risky.

In 1950 Taconis became member of Magnum, the three year old photo-agency from war photographers like Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Late fifties he and Magnum were no longer on speaking terms, they would have refused a publication of his war reports from Algeria in France. In 1959 he emigrated to Canada and changed his name in Kryn Taconis.

He was present at the Dam, on the day of the shooting and has taken pictures there.


The following pictures are bought by us via the Archive and Library of Canada:

Duitse eenheden voor de Grote Club / Paleis, foto gemaakt op hoek Dam / Kalverstraat

German troops at corner Palace / Dam / Kalverstraat

lancaster boven de Dam, vermoedelijk voor voedseldroppingen

Polar Bears rijden voor de Nieuwe Kerk, gaan linksaf langs het Paleis

Bren Carrier van de Polar Bears voor het Paleis.

Polar Bears voor de Grote Club. Deze foto is ook gebruikt in publicatie van de Spiegel, 7 Mei 1955

Polar Bears voor de Grote Club


Padvinders verlenen eerste hulp na de schietpartij.

Dam / Damrak

Dam / Damrak

Slachtoffer van schietpartij, vermoedelijk Valkensteeg

Nieuwedijk / steeg

Afvoeren van gewonden, vermoedelijk Valkensteeg


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