Mrs. Bense

Mrs.  E.J.B.M. Sneeboer-Bense *1904  1987

Mrs. B.Sneeboer-Bense was told that her husband would come home, he was set to work, and she was looking for him in Amsterdam. At the Dam she witnessed the shooting. It’s unknown who started the shooting. She stood across the Paleis at the Dam.
She had her youngest daughter with her in a pram, and she could barely save herself and her daughter by hiding behind a ‘flat cart’ or something similar. She wasn’t hit, but at that moment she had seen the death in her eyes. She never wants to talk about it, a silent grieve remains.
Her other daughter has experienced  the war, in Neerkant, man to man fights.

Source:I.T., granddaughter of Mrs.Sneeboer-Bense.



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