Rapport Adjudant Vos

NA 2.13.08 2745 Gevechts-actierapp-14wwwOn the 7th May 1945 I was at the Staff-Quarters of the Central District of the N.B.S. Warmoesstraat 155.- After the first shots had been fired on the Dam in the early part of the afternoon, I ascertained that the public was taking to flight in a wild panic in the direction of the Warmoesstraat.- Afterwards the Commander of the N.B.S. appeared on the scene and made his way to the Dam.- The firing then elated and eventually stopped.-

Suddenly the firing started again.- I was then ordered by the Commander of the Central District, Lt. Col.v.d. Heyden, to investigate what it all meant, and if possible to put a stop to it.- I then rang up the German Commander of the Groote Club, Oberlt. Klaassen.- In reply to my question he told me that the members of the B.S. had suddenly rushed the “Geldkantoor” and had surprised the German garrison there.- The Groote Club had besides been fired at.- Seeing that in accordance with the terms of capitulation he was obliged to hand over to the Canadians the premises occupied by the Germans in an undamaged state, firing was opened on the part of the Germans.- He asked me what we could do to put a stop to all this.- He told me that he had been wandering about the world for five long years of war, and would only too glad to return to his wife and children. He therefore ¬†did not relish the idea of being killed now during this shooting business on the Dam- I told him that i would come round to him and that we should have to try together to put a stop to the shooting.

I then get into a motorcar of the Staff with the commander of the Group Mr. van Santen, and drove to the Dam.- At the Groote Club I met Oberlt. K. and we then went together on foot to the Geldkantoor.- The firing had stopped in the meantime, although everywhere Germans and Netherlanders were still lying with arms presented.- In the Geldkantoor we talked the matter over with the Sub-Commander of the N.B.S. who was present there.- When the men had been calmed down, Oberlt.K. and myself went outside again.- At two places, in the Spuisstraat and in the N.Z. Voorburgwal, I addressed the Germans, Members of the B.S. and the civilians who where there, in a loud voice and told them that the firing had to cease, and everyone was to return to their respective places.-

I then took leave of the Oberlt. K. and returned to the Central Headquarters via the Dam.- The traffic on the Dam had meanwhile become almost normal again.

I do not know how the shooting began. This i do know, and this was, as a matter of fact, confirmed by subsequent events, the Oberlt. Klaassen, Commander of the Groote Club, constantly devoted himself to maintaining order and peace.- He repeatedly said to me that he hoped the Canadians would soon come, and take them away as prisoners of war.- He was in a state of terror for firing and whenever anything of this nature occurred he always rang me up to come and put a stop to it as quickly as possible.

Amsterdam, 20th. May 1945
Adjudant of the District-Commander
Centrum, Strijdend Gedeelte, B.S.
1st. Lt. of the Reserve of the
Neth. Army (Infantry)

(N.C. Vos)

Bron: NIOD


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